About Us

Michael Thomas Cannon

Located in Traverse City, Michigan, Tuscan Bistro has a dedication to fresh, seasonal ingredients and excellent service, and a casual atmosphere. Our bright interior is anchored by a cozy bar, and outdoor seating beckons on warm summer days.

Chef Mickey Cannon brings a long and varied career history to the Tuscan Bistro in Traverse City. Cannon’s love of food and the restaurant business has led him down a variety of paths. He has been published in numerous magazines and newspapers, including Gourmet, Bon Appetite and Washington Post. He also prepared meals for former presidents Ronald Reagan, George Bush and Bill Clinton. In his vast and varied experience, Cannon also opened the first American-managed hotel in the former Soviet Union. While there he trained a large non-English speaking kitchen and stewarding staff, and wrote menus for seven restaurants, banquets, and room service. He also supervised the challenging procurement of food and equipment. His efforts led to the hotel obtaining an award-winning status in the Soviet Union. Cannon’s ability to produce outstanding meals and deliver a pleasurable dining experience has been rewarded in the Tuscan Bistro’s popularity in Traverse City. The artful combination of innovation and fresh ingredients Cannon is known for can now be found daily in the dining establishment he oversees.